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Airbrush Tanning                                                                                                                                      


*organic. gluten free. aloe based. paraben free. not tested on animals. made in the usa.

*before your tan is when you want to shave, wax, get your mani or pedi, have your hair appointment.

* before your tan take your







What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are a semi permanent enhancement of your natural

 lashes isolating each natural lash and adhering an extension to the 

natural lash. one by one. Lash extensions take 1-2 hours to apply. your

 eyes are closed the whole time, while lying down its actually very

 relaxing and most of my clients fall asleep, snoring is allowed. your 

bottom lashes are taped down with a special tape or gel eye pad 

whichever you prefer.

How often is a touch up?

A Touch up is every 2-4 weeks. The extension sheds with the  life cycle 

of the natural lash. A touch up fills in the new growth.

Will the lash adhesive damage my natural lashes?

No. Improper application and improper client aftercare can damage the

 natural lash. It is very important to go to a certified lash artist who 

does lashes all day everyday. Lash extensions is a tedious process and

 requires a lot of practice. proper client aftercare is just as important.

With lash extensions you do not want to sleep on your lashes, 

or rub your eyes. keeping them clean with an antibacterial lash 

cleanser is extremely important.

it is best to not use mascara this adds extra weight to the lash and is

 difficult to remove.

What should I do before my appointment?

You will want to arrive makeup free, if you can skip the moisturizer.

Sterilid is a great lash cleanser that can be found at cvs or walgreens.

if you wear contacts bring your case or glasses. make sure your 

lashes are clean!

What is my aftercare?

use oil free products on your face. oil will break down the bond of

 your lashes. oil free eye makeup remover, a concealor brush works

 great to remove eye makeup and to cleanse the lash. Dont sleep on 

your lashes, this will tear out your natural lashes. I have a special

 mask just for this to sleep in. dont rub your eyes.