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the Lash girl

  lashes.    bridal makeup.    organic airbrush tans.



Airbrush Tanning                                                                                                                                      


*organic. gluten free. aloe based. paraben free. not tested on animals. made in the usa.

*before your tan is when you want to shave, wax, get your mani or pedi, have your hair appointment.

* before your tan take your






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Lash Menu:

*Please arrive with Clean Lashes. 

Classic full set 2 hr.  $175

Classic fill 60 min. $75 -Fills are 2-3 weeks. adding fullness only.

classic fill plus 90 min. $95 3-4 weeks. maintenance removal outgrown lashes + adding fullness.

Cashmere volume full set 2 hr. $250

cashmere volume fill 60 min.  $95-  2-3 weeks

adding fullness only.

Cashmere volume plus 90 min. $125  3-4 weeks

Maintenance removing out grown lashes + adding fullness.

Before your appointment;

1. avoid caffeine

2. arrive makeup free(foundation) 

& washed lashes

3. no facial lotion

4. be prepared to lay still for up to 2 hours

5. remove contacts.

after appointment:

1. wait 24-48 hour before getting lashes wet.

no exercise, sauna, tanning bed or spray tans.

2. after waiting period, wash lashes nightly with sterilid or lash girl lash cleanser with concealor brush.

3. do not use mascara.

4. do not curl or pick at lashes. sleep on your back.



* *Prices subject to change

* **If it has been  4 weeks or longer since your last fill  and less than 30% of your lashes remaining you will need a new full set.



Lash Extension Tips


1.*before your appointment arrive with no eye makeup, and clean lashes!

2.*after your lash appointment for best results do not use mascara, if you must apply only on the tips.

3.*keep lashes clean! wash your lashes  daily with  Sterilid lid & lash cleanser. Pick up at CVS, Walgreens.

4.* do not use eyelash curlers, be careful around extreme heat (the oven),avoid any oil based products.