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Airbrush Tanning                                                                                                                                      


*organic. gluten free. aloe based. paraben free. not tested on animals. made in the usa.

*before your tan is when you want to shave, wax, get your mani or pedi, have your hair appointment.

* before your tan take your






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Full Sets

Classic (silk or mink)  $175

classic is for a natural mascara look. 

Hybrid  (mix of classic & volume) $195

hybrid is more full than classic, a natural glam.

Volume (cashmere mink,) $250

volume is an advanced technique using several thin lashes fanned out by hand to double and triple your lash look.


Fills are typically every 2-3 weeks, anything after 4 is considered a full set.

Classic $75

Classic Plus $95 (extra time added for max fullness)

Hybrid $85

Hybrid  Plus $110

Volume $95

Volume Plus $125

Foreign $95 (if you did not receive your full set from lash girl, you will choose this option for your first visit.)

Before your appointment;

1. avoid caffeine

2. arrive makeup free(foundation) 

& washed lashes with soap and water.

3. no facial lotion

4. be prepared to lay still for up to 2 hours

5. remove contacts.

6. Must be able to close eyes fully.

7. arrange childcare.

after appointment:

1. wait 24-48 hour before getting lashes wet.

no exercise, sauna, tanning bed or spray tans.

2. after waiting period, wash lashes nightly with steri-lid or lash girl lash cleanser with concealor brush.

3. do not use mascara.

4. do not curl or pick at lashes. sleep on your back.



* *Prices subject to change

* **If it has been  4 weeks or longer since your last fill  and less than 30% of your lashes remaining you will need a new full set.



Lash Extension Tips


1.*before your appointment arrive with no eye makeup, and clean lashes!

2.*after your lash appointment for best results do not use mascara, if you must apply only on the tips.

3.*keep lashes clean! wash your lashes  daily with  Sterilid lid & lash cleanser. Pick up at CVS, Walgreens.

4.* do not use eyelash curlers, be careful around extreme heat (the oven),avoid any oil based products.