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the Lash girl

  lashes.    bridal makeup.    organic airbrush tans.



Airbrush Tanning                                                                                                                                      


*organic. gluten free. aloe based. paraben free. not tested on animals. made in the usa.

*before your tan is when you want to shave, wax, get your mani or pedi, have your hair appointment.

* before your tan take your






Before/After Appointment

BeFore your appointment

1. Wash your lashes. do not use facial lotion or makeup.

you may use baby shampoo or sterilid found at walgreens to wash your lashes.  any residue whatsoever your lash extensions will not stay, they will slide right off.

2. avoid caffeine. shaky lids are difficult to lash, this is your time to relax.

3. make sure you are able to lay still for 1-2 hours for a full set with eyes closed. Must be able to close your eyes all the way.

4. bring your contact case or wear glasses. contacts must be removed for each lash appointment.

5. arrange child care.

After appointment***********************************************

1. wait a full 24 hours before getting lashes wet.

2. do not spray tan, tanning bed, work out, work in the garden, etc.. anything that would cause you to sweat within 24 hours is a no go.

3. after 24 hour period. wash lashes nightly with antibacterial lash cleanser (sterilid or borboleta cleanser) with a brush to clean base of lash line. not washing your lashes can lead to an allergy (no more lashes) reaction, or eye infection (lash mites). please wash your lashes nightly.

4. avoid mascara, no lash curlers whatsoever, be careful of heat (oven, birthday candles)

5. dont pick or touch lashes with your fingers.

6. side sleepers/wild sleepers- you will lose lashes faster on whichever side you sleep on.